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Former Maui resident living in Florida brace for Hurricane Irma

It’s projected to be the worst storm to hit Florida, and some former Hawaii Residents are among the millions living in Hurricane Irma’s pathway.

“It is the absolute low before the storm,” Randy Avon said. “If we have to evacuate we’re ready to do that.. Most of the people that are here that are in the evacuation zone now have a Plan B.”

Preparing for the worst, those who now live Florida are boarding up their homes, stocking up on food and water, and moving their belongings to higher ground.

Former Maui resident, Elika Kaiwi told Island News he went to the local hardware store and people there were waiting in line for nearly seven hours just to get sandbags.

“The stores are off the scale if you go into any hardware store you can’t find nothing,” Kaiwi said.

Avon says shelters are filling up quickly and with the long lines of traffic to get out, moving inland may no longer be the best solution.



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