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Family finds 3 gunned down goats on Kanaio property

A Maui family posted disturbing photos on social media of what they found on their property in Kanaio. The Vares ‘Ohana was shocked to find someone had trespassed on their 2.5 acre property, shot three wild goats and then abandoned their kill.

“Very cruel, disgusting and disturbing. It seemed like a really sick person would do something like that,” Lisa Vares said.

The family doesn’t live on the parcel but will use it from time to time to camp. Because their visits to the site are periodic, trespassing has been a problem there for years.

“It’s just what we handled and it’s what we deal with but this was wrong,” Vares said.

The family said aside from dead animals, it appears perpetrators also set up an overnight camp and stole light fixtures and electrical cords and left behind a box of bullets.

On social media, photos of the slain goats have generated heated comments.

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