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Police Release Results Of Cinco de Mayo DUI Enforcement

Photo: Anthony Goodrich/ MAUIWatch

In an effort to keep our roadways and community safe during Cinco de Mayo, the Maui Police Department once again participated in a national impaired driving prevention campaign. Beginning on May 5th through the morning of May 6th, 2017, the Maui Police Department conducted multiple OUI checkpoints and increased our saturation traffic enforcement patrols to prevent impaired driving. This campaign was sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and State of Hawaii Department of Transportation. Our intent was to save lives by raising awareness, increasing voluntary compliance and by taking a zero-tolerance approach to impaired driving.

Present-day Cinco de Mayo celebrations often lead to impaired driving which makes these increased patrols and OUI checkpoints very necessary. This increase in enforcement was supported by officers from the Maui Police Department’s patrol districts, OUI Task Force Unit, Motorcycle Detail and Vehicle Homicide Unit.

As a result of this increased enforcement, officers made 13 impaired driving arrests and 5 other traffic crime arrests for a total of 18 traffic-related arrests.

One offender was stopped on Mokulele Highway in the early morning hours following Cinco de Mayo by a member of the OUI Task Force Unit for traveling in excess of 106 miles per hour. After a complete investigation, the officer determined the operator was under the influence of an intoxicating liquor. The operator was then placed under arrest and charged for the offenses of Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence of an Intoxicant and Excessive Speeding.

Officers at the intoxication control checkpoints noticed numerous vehicles with occupants coming from celebrations and having designated drivers. The Maui Police Department would like to commend everyone who celebrated Cinco de Mayo responsibly. We sincerely thank everyone who either made arrangements for having a designated driver or served as a designated driver.



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