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HA Flight Lands Safely Following Potential ‘Threat’

Anthony Goodrich/MAUIWatch photo.

A flight headed to Kahului Airport Friday morning from Los Angeles International Airport landed safely after what reported as a “potential threat.”

Initial reports heard via radio scanner noted that the threat was potentially a “bomb threat.”

Aboard the plane were 266 passengers and 10 crew members. All 276 individuals deplaned safely by early afternoon.

In a statement from Hawaiian Airlines, the issues was identified as ” a low-level threat” and noted that authorities were  “immediately informed.”

According to the Department of Transportation, all airport operations are currently operating normally.

The FBI tells MAUIWatch, “Prompt response by the airlines and our investigators revealed that there was no threat or danger to the flight, its passengers or its crew. As a result, the FBI does not have any further investigation in this matter and is currently not pursuing any criminal prosecution.”

The public is asked to report any unusual matters whenever they fly. Situations that are unusual, cause concern or raise alarm may be reported to authorities or the flight crew. These reports are always welcome and the FBI continues to ask the public, “If you see something, say something.”

“In this instance, we are grateful that a dutiful citizen saw something unusual that caused them some concern and promptly reported the situation. As a result, the airlines, FBI and other authorities were able to exercise diligence until we were certain there was no threat or reason for alarm to passengers or crew.”, said Special Agent Arnold Laanui of the FBI. reached out to the Maui Police Department, who was noted as a responder, but did not receive an immediate response.

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