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Good Eats: Cymz Sweet Kre8tionz

What started as a hobby has now evolved into a full-time job. Cymbree Kailiehu was born and raised in Makawao and has a special knack for baking. “My mom used to bake all the time, so I kind of incorporated that and got it from her,” she said. Three years ago she started making cake pops for friends and that eventually turned into mini cupcakes, tarts and other small sweet treats. “What can I say, I am a fat girl at heart,” she adds.

“We don’t do cakes but we do make small treats like truffles, cupcakes, cake pops and more.”

Her delicious, addicting, moist and unique flavor combinations started to take off and now her specialty is crafting decadent flavors and textures to please any sweet tooth.

Glen, Cymz and I – fun-loving, vivacious and earnest people who love making others happy.

“Growing up here on Maui we love local-inspired desserts and so it just transpired into something that I really love doing,  versus a 9am-5pm.  I get to interact with other people and we enjoy what we do.” We as in Cymz and her fiancé (who also doubles as the taste tester and assistant – lucky guy) Glen Fevella. She’s created specialty items including truffles, ube pies, cake cups, cup cakes and is famous for incorporating ube (purple sweet potato) into her baked creations. ” I just kind of put stuff together and if it tastes good I just run with it I guess,” she adds.

“My goal is to find a nice little bakery/spot,” she says. “We’ve been looking at some locations. We were kind of thinking of a pickup and go, but now we are thinking of having to expand, maybe a small little bakery that we can call our own.” For now you can pre-order by emailing her direct or pick-up from any one of the six retail/market locations listed on her Instagram profile (if they aren’t sold out).

Available at: Ah Fooks (Kahului), TJs Warehouse Outlet (Wailuku), Island Grocery Depot (Kahului), Rodeo General Store, Maui Coffee Roasters and Pukalani Suprette.

I managed to find a four-pack of cupcakes at Island Grocery Depot on a Friday afternoon, but everything else was sold out. Cymz was nice enough to meet me the next day and delivered some of her other treats.

Truffles and Tarts

The handmade truffles are perfect for the chocolate lover. They are sweet, unique and perfect in size. Some of the toppings also add nice crunch and added texture. The tarts are crisp and buttery on the outside and delicious on the inside, also a delightful small bite-sized treat.

Cymtilly Cake Cup

In addition, to the wacky and one-of-a-kind names Cym creates for her sweets, she also tries to remain innovative and creative when it comes to the ingredients, like this cake cup which has delectable sponge cake topped with pudding, chia seeds and other surprises. It’s a mix of decadent and healthy.

Ubae Crunch Pie

The Ubae Crunch Pie is outstanding and perfect for someone that loves rich desserts that aren’t too sweet. The ube flavor is perfectly balanced with the mildly salty crust and the creamy chantilly cream. I pretty much ate this whole beast by myself and loved every moment.


One of the tarts, so you can see the inside featuring more of the ube. This is more of a simple dessert that satisfies in one or two bites. Below in the gallery you will see the four Cupcake Sweeties I purchased. They were all insanely moist, heavenly and not overpowering with sugar. My favorite was the red velvet with Oreo crust. Biting into the crust was a nice textural element and surprise. Honestly, all of the cupcakes were great and they held up well because after my friend and I took small bites from each one night they were still good the next morning for breakfast.

You can find Cymz_Sweet_Kre8tionz on Instagram and Facebook. Or email her at [email protected]
She does not yet have a website, I know, I told her she must get one.

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