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FBI investigating Hawaiian Airlines scam that has roots in Canada

It was a deal that seemed too good to be true. And it was.

Hawaii folks were scammed into giving away personal information to win what they thought were Hawaiian Airlines tickets.

“This is one of the top scams in Hawaii. It’s called phishing.” says Gregory Dunn, President & CEO, Hawaii Better Business Bureau.

Disguised as a Hawaiian Airlines “contest” – an online scam claimed you could win two of an available 280 plane tickets, if you acted fast.

“Really what it is, is a scam artist or a fraudster trying to get you to provide certain information on yourself. Your friends and your family. So they can either use that information to send you spam emails or to open credit accounts in your name,” Dunn said.

The ad seemed legit to the untrained eye, featuring a vibrant and colorful Hawaiian Airlines logo and flight markings. But the red flag was the domain name “” The BBB says the trailing portion of the URL (following Hawaiian Airlines) should be a dead give away.

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