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House approves $31.2 million for Central Maui CIP

Rep. Woodson and Maui delegation spearhead coordinated effort for Valley Isle initiatives; Woodson’s UH Promise Program bill moves to the Senate

As part of the current state budget proposal, the House approved $31.2 million for capital improvement projects for Kahului Elementary School, Maui Waena Intermediate School, Kahului Airport, and Kahului Harbor.

“The Maui delegation and I worked hard to gradually upgrade and improve facilities throughout Central Maui,” said Representative Justin Woodson (Kahului, Pu‘unēnē, Old Sand Hills, Maui Lani).  “We’re making good progress thus far.”

Among the appropriations, about $1.5 million will go to the two remaining District 9 schools in need of air conditioning units —Kahului Elementary School and Maui Waena Intermediate School.  “These funds will bring us closer to our heat abatement goals here in Maui,” said Woodson.

Nearly $29.6 million will go toward renovations at Kahului Airport.  The funds are designated for holdroom and gate construction and improvements.

“The updated facilities will enhance everyone’s experiences using the airport and hopefully, encourage return visitors,” said Woodson.  An additional $150,000 in funding was also provided for the purchase of a portable bathroom complex for Kahului Harbor.

Kahului Elementary School Plans and designs for air conditioning units; ground and site improvements; equipment and appurtenances. $700,000
Maui Waena Intermedia School Plans and designs for air conditioning units; ground and site improvements; equipment and appurtenances. 800,000
Kahului Airport Design and construction for holdroom and gate improvements and other related improvements. 29,573,000
Kahului Harbor Equipment for the purchase of a large portable bathroom complex to service the harbor. 150,000
  TOTAL $31,223,000

In addition to CIP funding, on March 9, the House of Representatives crossed over House Bill (HB) 1594, the Hawaii Promise Program, to the Senate.  Woodson introduced the bill, which received the support of all 51 representatives.

The Hawaii Promise Program would help students who qualify to have their remaining unmet financial aid paid through state funds, allowing them to attend college for free.

While Governor Ige, in his State of the State address, announced that he would support a program to provide two years of free tuition, HB 1594 would extend the support to four years.

“There is no better promise we can make to our young people than that they will get the chance to receive career or technical training and education,” said Woodson. “Giving students a helping hand through financial aid is one of the most important bills the legislature can pass this session.”



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