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Technology Helps Residents Get More Involved in the 2018 Fiscal Year Budget Process

The Maui County Budget Office has announced that an online Budget Simulator can be found on the county website to help citizens become more involved in this year’s budget planning process.

The “Balance Maui County” web portal can be accessed at or obtained directly at The web portal will enable taxpayers to get online and prioritize projects and services based on this fiscal year’s adopted budget. The Maui County fiscal year budget is prepared annually by the Mayor’s Budget Office staff and reviewed and approved by Maui County Council members.

“We want more citizen engagement in the budget process,” said Budget Director Lynn Araki-Regan. “The Balance Maui County technology helps raise awareness of the budget process, gets residents thinking about the potential impacts of spending choices, and provides a convenient way for residents to prioritize county services, including public safety, social welfare, parks and recreation, public works, and transportation, among others, all at the click of a mouse.”

“Such technology helps get people thinking and involved in their county’s service planning and budgeting process.”

The budget simulator was launched today and will be accessible until April 15, 2017. Information provided will be taken into consideration for current and future budget years.

For more information about the “Balance Maui County” web portal, contact the Budget Office at 270-7855

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