Cost Reduction Unit Formed to Increase County Efficiency

Photo: County of Maui

The Department of Management has announced the formation of a Cost Reduction Unit (CRU) aimed at reducing costs for all county operations.

The CRU is made up of a cross-section of County department personnel from the departments of Finance, Management, Public Works and Water Supply. The CRU held it’s first meeting last month and will be reviewing Capital Improvement Projects, departmental operations and processes as well as facility management.

“Maui County is a $660 million operation with 2,500 employees operating on three inhabited islands. We provide services that touch every person every day throughout our community,” said Managing Director Keith Regan. “Although our departments are always looking at ways to operate more efficiently, this is the first time we have a cross-section of departments reviewing each other’s operations. By using this collaborative approach and by seeking input from our customers, we believe we will be able to make our operations more efficient and less costly, without negatively impacting services.”

As part of the CRUs initial efforts to garner input from its customers, it has launched an anonymous online suggestion platform to collect ideas and suggestions from employees. The CRU will eventually open up the suggestion platform to the public as well.

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