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Maui DOE officials alert parents to a couple of mumps cases

Dear Parents and Guardians:

This letter is to inform you that several cases of mumps were recently detected at separate schools in the Baldwin-King Kekaulike-Maui Complex Area.

The health and safety of our students and staff are our utmost importance. Mumps is a contagious disease caused by a virus and symptoms include: swelling of the salivary glands under the ears or jaw, fever, headache, muscle ache, fatigue, and loss of appetite. It is spread through saliva or mucus via coughing, sneezing, or talking, and also through physical contact with contaminated objects or surfaces. Most individuals completely recover in a few weeks.

The Hawaii Department of Education encourages all public school students and staff to practice good hygiene habits like thorough hand washing and covering of mouths when sneezing or coughing to reduce the transmission of germs. We encourage our school community and parents to do the same.

Thank you for you attention in this matter. If you have any questions or concerns about mumps, we encourage you to contact your family healthcare provider. For more information about mumps, please visit the Hawaii Department of Health website at:

Leila Hayashida
Complex Area Superintendent

Original letter that was submitted to MAUIWatch may be seen here



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