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Mosquito-Borne Illness Mapping Initiative Launched

The Maui District Health Office and the County of Maui today announced it has jointly launched a video and mapping initiative to disseminate information about the general locations, virus type and lab status of mosquito-borne cases.

While there is presently no local spreading of these cases, Maui County is seeing an increase in the number of imported suspect mosquito-borne diseases, such as Zika, dengue and chikungunya. In response to this spike in cases, the Maui District Health Office and Maui County Civil Defense have created a system to enhance communication and education regarding mosquito-borne diseases.

Beginning this month, Maui District Health Officer Dr. Lorrin Pang will present a report and educational video on Akaku Television, which will re-broadcast the video four times a day before “Curtain Call.” Links to the video and an updated case map will also be available at and

“We used to see several cases of imported suspect cases of mosquito-borne diseases coming into Maui each year,” Dr. Pang noted. “Now we’re seeing several of these cases per month.”

Anna Foust, Maui County Emergency Management Officer, urged residents to utilize the website, video updates and mapping tool so they can take needed precautions. “Thanks to the Long-Range Division of the County Planning Department, we now have a very useful and customizable map,” Foust said. “This map shows the general locations on Maui that have had active and suspected cases, while protecting area residents’ privacy.”

Further questions regarding mosquito-borne diseases can be directed to the Maui District Health Office at 808-243-8649.



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