"Tiare Lawrence, candidate for Upcountry, District 12 state representative has received five endorsements." Photo: Kristy Copperfield

State House candidate Tiare Lawrence receives union endorsements

Tiare Lawrence, candidate for District 12, Upcountry State Representative has received five endorsements from a broad range of organizations. Endorsements of her candidacy have come from the Hawaii State Teacher Association, The Sierra Club, The Hawai’i Center for Food Safety, The Patsy Mink Political Action Committee and Local 5, Hawai’i’s hospitality and healthcare union.

“I am very honored to receive these endorsements. They are a clear validation on where I stand on issues important to these organizations and their members. Supporting teachers, women, and worker rights. protecting our environment and food security are among my top priorities,” said Ms. Lawrence.

A mother, business owner and 7th generation Maui resident, Ms Lawrence has lived Upcountry for more than a decade. A graduate of Ka Ipu Kukui (2010), she was selected for the initial Maui Visitors Bureau “Maui Mavericks” program(2015) and recently, graduated from the Kuleana Academy (2016). “I truly care about our community and our children’s future. I will be available, accessible and attentive to the needs of all the Upcountry people, if elected,” Ms Lawrence said.



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