The Best Shave Ice on Maui

Summer’s here and it’s hot! An island tradition that will help you cool off is shave ice, or ice shave if you’re from the Big Island. The perfect pairing of fresh shaved ice topped with vibrantly colored syrups and other toppings compliment the hot sun, warm trades and summer days.


I set out to find the best shave ice on the Valley Isle and did extensive research to determine your top spots.

Here’s the criteria: texture, taste and value — while there are so many different flavors and combinations to choose from, I ordered the most popular flavors, with no add-ons. Keeping it simple with the shaved ice, 3 recommended syrups/best sellers and also taking into account the overall experience (service, timeliness and cost).

Checkout my top 3 picks for the best Maui spots to grab the cold, delicious and refreshing treat!

3. Breakwall Shave Ice
Breakwall Shave Ice on Front Street in Lahaina

3. Breakwall Shave Ice

imageTexture: Coarse, serving size was very generous. The shaved ice itself was a bit more rustic and chunky, kind of reminded me of the version made at baby luaus and from my childhood.

Taste: Flavors tried were Tiger’s Blood, Lilikoi and Mango. The syrups were excellent, not too sweet and very much like the actual fruit.

Value: The ice was packed on nicely, the associate was very sweet and took her time making the cone. Price ranges from $4-$6 for a basic cone.This venue also offers adult shave ice (alcohol) flavors.


2. Local Boys Shave Ice
Local Boys Shave Ice on Front Street and in Kihei

2. Local Boys Shave Ice

imageTexture: Fine, melted extremely fast. Was nice and soft with delicate yet somewhat spongy texture.

Taste: The syrups were very sweet and offered that classic shave ice flavor. A bit sticky and sugary. I tried the Hawaiian Rainbow which was LiHing Mui, Papaya and Blue Coconut flavored. The taste of the syrups was well balanced, the flavors were well developed and delicious.

Value: Included in the price is Roselani ice cream, mochi, azuki beans, and gummy bears at the bottom. Price ranges from $4.25-$5.50 and they are cash only.


1. Ululani's Shave Ice
Ululani’s Shave Ice locations island wide

1. Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice

imageTexture: Soft, fine and almost fluffy. This too will melt quickly if you are in the sun.

Taste: I gotta say the taste of the syrups by far surpasses all the others, even compared to the neighbor islands. I tried the No Ka Oi, which was coconut, mango and lilikoi. At first taste you can tell the syrups are made using natural fruit juices and fresh purees. The taste of the syrups is really good quality and not like sugary, heavy, diabetic shock-types.

Value: A good portion size, big enough to share or devour on your own. They also offer cute cup holder cutouts carved into the tables. Price range $4.50-$6.25 for the basic cone. Kama’aina also receive a 10% off discount.


I honestly didn’t go into this with any bias and had an open mind but in the end Ululani’s hands down was the best when it came to portions, value, flavor, quality and service. No wonder they are so popular!

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