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Good eats: Poke Hale Grindz


Tucked away on Waiehu Beach Road you’ll find what has all the makings of a simple convenience store. Enter and there are the usuals: homemade bentos, spam musubis, baseball hats, chips and cold drinks. I asked the lady behind the cash register “where do I get the poke?” She said “back there.” Walk to the back of the store and you’ll see a window on the right-hand side. Oh… You don’t just walk in and have them scoop out the poke and give it to you, they actually make it from scratch!


This is customizable poke, super fresh, never frozen and comes in a variety of different recipes, or you can make your own. Need some help, no worries the nice lady showed me how it all works. You step to the window, grab a ticket and check off what you want in your poke. If you don’t know what to order there are pictures of (already tried and true) recipes on the window that will offer some insight.


Known for items like Oyster Furikake, California, Maliko Gulch, Shoyu Poke, Spicy Furikake and Hawaiian you can pick and choose what you want, add something in or leave something out. I opted for the traditional Shoyu Poke but added avocado and inamona, so it’s kinda like a mix between the Hawaiian and the Shoyu. I asked if I could go in the kitchen to watch and take photos as the magic happened and they had no problem letting me see.

With a minimum half pound order you can see the fish is insanely fresh. The chef chooses her items delicately and tossed them into the bowl.
They are very generous with the ingredients and also very organized. I’ve had poke made to order before but never customizable like this.
All the yummy goodness in one bowl and getting ready to be tossed. Not sure of all the sauces she put in their, may be a house secret.
You can also add rice or no rice to your order. They usually have aku or ahi choices but that day they only had ahi left.

The poke was delicious. I could tell is was extremely fresh, tender, perfectly seasoned, precisely cut, the toppings are all unique and a lot of fun to play with. They also offer daily specials like adobo, korean chicken and smoked meat, but it really depends on the day. I didn’t purchase anything else to try except a spam musubi for the road, which was a bit dry, I’ll just stick with the poke.

When in Wailuku drop by Poke Hale Grindz for some ono poke at around $14-$15 a pound.
372 Waiehu Beach Rd
Wailuku, HI
(808) 244-2323

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