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Napua Greig Nakasone announces candidacy for Maui County Council

Maui kumu hula, educator, business owner and award-winning performer, Nāpua Greig Nakasone, announces her candidacy for the upcountry Maui County Council seat representing Pukalani, Kula and Ulupalakua.

“I am excited about the opportunity to serve the residents of Maui,” said Greig-Nakasone. “My family and I are deeply invested and indebted to this community, and I want to do all I can to be an active participant in preserving what is great about Maui, making it an even better place to live, work and raise a family.”

As a cultural specialist and educator at Seabury Hall, Nāpua works with high school students to develop curriculum and programs to provide hands on learning about Native Hawaiian history, language and performing arts. Greig-Nakasone also serves as a board member for the Waiohuli Hawaiian Homestead Association and was a commissioner for the State Land Use Commission from 2010–2013. In addition, Nāpua is a successful business owner, serving as the co-founder, owner and operator of Hālau o Ka Ua Makanoe (Chiba, Japan), Hālau o Naleihiwa (Sapporo, Japan), Pihana Productions, LLC. and has efficiently managed Hālau Nā Lei Kaumaka o Uka, a non-profit organization, for the past 20 years.

For Greig-Nakasone, this candidacy fulfills a lifelong commitment to public service. Crediting her parents for exposing she and her siblings to campaigns at an early age, Nāpua maintains a deep sense of respect for the political process and the rich history of our islands’ government.

“I am grateful for the groundwork laid by my parents, their peers and those who came before them to create opportunities for our generation and beyond,” said Greig-Nakasone. “I hope to channel their lessons, coupled with my own life experiences to bring a new perspective to the Council, working to bridge varying opinions to find solutions together.”

Nāpua, 41, resides in Waiohuli with her partner, Kūkini Suwa and has four children: Kainalu (Nikki), 26; Kala’iākea, 17; Ka’ilihiwa, 15 & Kahiau, 2. She is the daughter of the late Jay Nakasone, a former administrator of Maui Intake Service for the State of Hawai’i and OHA Trustee Carmen “Hulu” Lindsey.

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